“Photography, to me, is catching a moment which is passing, and which is true.”-

Jacques-Henri Lartigue


Grieving man mourns loss of sister in Palu after Tsunami.
Donald Trump and Melania Trump are smiling to each other in Brussels, Belgium.
President Donald Trump and John Bolton on a stage with American flags behind them.
Small boy with burned face from Raqqa, Syria.
Grieving family members carrying coffin in Palu.
Small girl from Caracas is sleeping on a mattress.
Protesters inhaling smoke in Gaza.
Grieving family members release balloons in Gaza to remember loved ones.
Dutch king Willem Alexander on Sint Maarten after hurricane Irma.
Protesters throwing fireworks and molotov cocktails at riot police in Jakarta.
Girl with sign during a demonstration saying: I am not a piece of meat.
Small girl sleeping in the arms of her mother in an airplane.
Woman poses in front of her damaged house that was struck by hurricane Irma.
Small boy from Caracas looking sad.
Boy with jacket in a street full of debris in Raqqa, Syria.
Man with anonymous mask with police in riot gear guarding a convoy.
Two young women in traditional muslim clothing in an ISIS camp near Raqqa.
Family on a military plane after being rescued from hurricane Irma.
A girl wrapped by security services in a bodybag after a terrorist attack.

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