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Bud Wichers is searching for his biological parents.

"Adoption is the most intentional process on Earth.”

Jody Cantrell Dyer

Stichting Mijn Roots is a non-profit organisation. The goal of the My Roots Foundation (MR; Stichting Mijn Roots) is to improve knowledge about adoptions from Indonesia to the Netherlands and the rest of Europe between 1970 and 1983. MR is in a unique position to provide this information with its broad access to adoption expertise and the rich information resources it possesses throughout Indonesia and Europe. Experts and contacts include search teams, DNA experts, social media professionals, psychologists, journalists, and informants on the ground.

The organisation strongly believes that families who wish to be together must be reunited and are helping actively in the search for biological parents across Indonesia. They know that finding birth parents in Indonesia is a challenging, time consuming, and an expensive process, and that it can be very emotional for the searchers. The aim is to make the procedure less complex, accessible, and more affordable for adoptees who are looking for their biological family.

MR also provides aftercare advice for adoptees dealing with psychological difficulties, such as anxiety attacks, depression, and attachment disorders.

Bud Wichers is an Ambassador and volunteer for Stichting Mijn Roots | Mencari Orang Tua Kandung. Bud is still looking for his birth parents from Jakarta.

Photo of the neighbourhood, Tanah Abang in Jakarta, where Bud was born, a poster that was published on the popular Indonesian Facebook site Mencari Orang Tua Kandung and a picture of Bud as a baby at his orphanage in Jakarta.

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There are no unwanted children, just unfound families.

The US National Adoption Center

Bud Wichers is looking for his biological parents all he has are these 'fake' documents.

Bud Wichers, marked with a small cross, as a baby in his orphanage in Jakarta.

“I love my parents, but finding my birth parents is important to me. It's part of my identity. I am the way I am, and I would like to know why.”