Hostile Awareness workshop

The primary purpose of this threat-focused workshop is to prepare you for operating within potentially complex and hostile situations. The aim is to improve your personal security and self-awareness when you cover demonstrations, civil unrest, or armed conflicts. I designed this workshop specifically for freelance photojournalists and cameramen, journalists, employees of NGOs, and humanitarian volunteers who work in high-risk areas or insecure countries.

In this workshop I will teach you the importance of personal security and vigilance.

This workshop covers the following topics: Psychological preparation, operational security, safe movement procedures, dealing with check-points and roadblocks, surveillance awareness, hostile crowds, crossfire, terrorism threats (terrorist modus operandi), capture, captivity and avoidance, and cultural awareness.

The methods I use for this course include role playing, analyzing photos and videos, indoor scenario-based exercises, and simulations of high-stress events.

I am passionate about giving you advanced safety tips and teaching you simple yet effective measures to reduce your risk. I will prepare you to confidently face the challenges inherent in working in unfamiliar and hazardous areas.

I have been a photographer and cameraman for the past 20 years and have worked extensively in volatile places. I know firsthand how difficult this work can be, and have spent years learning on the job. Click here to see my portfolio.

👉 Contact me to discuss your specific needs and budget to allow me to provide a detailed quote, as each Hostile Awareness workshop is different, and confirm my availability,